From my diary

I have continued to proof the OCR output of Sabbadini’s Scoperte chapter 3, in Finereader 10.  Note the version number! I have abandoned the disastrous Finereader 11 software, which has effectually prevented Theodoret on Romans coming online by erasing all the italics every time I try to export my work.

Chapter 3 is the chapter concerned with the rediscovery of Greek literature in the 15th century.  It’s about 29 pages.  When the OCR errors are corrected, I shall pass it through Google Translate, and see what we have.

One volume often referred to in the notes is the Epistolae of Ambrogio Traversari, the monk who was friends with the humanists and took part in their many endeavours to recover classical and patristic literature.  His letters are a treasure trove of information about this process.  How I wish this existed in English!

I have seen a physical copy of this work, published in an immense format in the 18th century by Mehus, in two volumes.  It is physically exhausting to handle and read.

It seems that the book scanners at and Google Books have found the same.  For sadly it remains inaccessible, and off-line.


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