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I’m still working on the Roman cult of Mithras site.  The what’s new page indicates roughly what I’ve been doing.  The list of artefacts – monuments and inscriptions -(with photographs) is growing ever longer.  The various scripts that I use to manage the site are getting more stable, and adding extra tweaks is getting easier too.

The collection of Mithraic materials by Vermaseren is now more than 50 years old.  That means that there is quite a lot of material that has been uncovered which is not in that collection.  I tend to come across this, when I see some striking image, look for it in the CIMRM, and find … nothing.

So I need some means to handle non-CIMRM artefacts.  At the moment I’ve just got a few at the bottom of the page of all artefacts.  Today I adapted the wizard slightly to give these some kind of structured name.

Really we need to assign numbers to the items; a sort of CIMRM supplement.  To do this, tho, I would need to have a list of items found since 1956.  Doubtless such a list could be compiled from publications … but how?


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