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One item that has hung around on my PC for ages now is Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans.  A translation actually exists of this obscure item, published by an Oxford Movement person in the 1840’s, in a journal, and then forgotten.  I did scan it in the then-new Finereader 11 back in early 2012; but a bug in the software promptly erased a whole load of formatting.  The original editor had used italics instead of quotes, where bits of the bible were involved, which means there are a lot of them.

I re-added the italics, laboriously, not realising why it had disappeared; and lo! it vanished again.

After trudging through 80 pages, twice, adding italics all over each page, my will to live disappeared and I left it to one side.

But I have got stuck into this again.  This time I add italics to a page, and then copy the page into Word before I do anything else.  Slowly, slowly, I am building up the text.  Another 25 pages to go.  I hope to get it done this week.


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  1. Did you see that an English translation of Theodoret’s A Cure of Pagan Maladies is finally coming Sep 30 in the Ancient Christian Writers series by Paulist Press?

    I’ve been waiting years for it.

  2. Good to know that it exists; but a very high price. Still, it probably costs around $20 per volume, and nobody does that without wanting to make a profit.

    I wonder if the PDF’s are around somewhere…

    Paulist do a lot of good stuff; the problem is how anyone ever sees any of it.

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