If you have access to HathiTrust, can you help me with a 1913 article?

I’m trying to access an article from Italian journal Ausonia, from 1913.  Unfortunately, while many volumes of the journal before and after are accessible at Archive.org, the particular issue I want is not.

The article I want is C. Huelsen, “I lavori archeologici di Giovannantonio Dosio”, in: Ausonia: rivista della Società italiana di archeologia e storia dell’arte, vol. 7 (1913), p.1 ff.

The volume is online here, apparently:


Well, it is if your institution is in the USA, anyway.  But I am overseas and can’t access it.

Can anyone access this?  If so, please use the contact link at right and talk to me.  It seems silly for me to make a library trip for something already freely accessible online.

Many thanks!

UPDATE:  Thank you to the gentleman who sent me a copy of the article, and the other gentleman who made the whole volume available.  I am very grateful!


9 thoughts on “If you have access to HathiTrust, can you help me with a 1913 article?

  1. They are still letting US people look at Hathi, but they won’t let us save anything unless we’re members of the member institutions. And yet it says right on the page that this issue of Ausonia is PD in the US, and it used to be totally okay for US users to make a PDF without logging in, if it were PD.

    Seriously, this is lame. If anybody actually is a member and can send Roger a PDF, please do. This screencapping is annoying.

  2. I tried making a ‘Friend’ account on the HathiTrust site; this still only gives you very limited access, i.e. able to download the page you are viewing, but not anything larger.

  3. “Sadly I fear that copyright here is a pretext for some empire building.”

    No empire building. It would be much easier to make everything available. In most EU countries, copyright expires 70 years after the author died. For a journal, you would have to research each individual author to find out their lifespan and thus copyright status. In the US, everything prior to 1923 is public domain. And the download thing is all about Google.

    It’s all explained at


  4. Remember that we are discussing volume 7 of an Italian journal (1913), most of whose volumes are freely accessible on the web (although not freely via Hathi). This volume was once accessible online. It was scanned by the university of Michigan and available in Google Books. Now it isn’t. Hathi is, I think, a UMichigan project?

  5. Ten to one, this is a case where somebody falsely claimed copyright, and Google hasn’t researched it yet and determined that the claim is ridiculous.

    Of course, uploading it to archive.org and other public domain sites should solve the problem.

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