Sayings attributed to Jesus in Muslim sources, translated by Anthony Alcock

In the Patrologia Orientalis 13 and 19 is a collection of deeds and sayings attributed to Jesus in Muslim sources of the 10th-11th century.  This was edited by Miguel Asin y Palacios in 1919 and 1924.  Asin apparently took the curious view that these went back to the 1st century.  (Anyone familiar at all with Arabic literature will be aware how much story-telling and elaboration features in it, so we need not take that opinion very seriously!)  But it is good to have these things, since they will undoubtedly pop up in odd places.

Anthony Alcock has started to translate this edition into English, and he has kindly made it available online to us all, with an explanatory introduction.  Here is the first part:



3 thoughts on “Sayings attributed to Jesus in Muslim sources, translated by Anthony Alcock

  1. This is interesting; thank you Anthony.

    Tarif Khalidi did much the same with “The Muslim Jesus” but he didn’t include adapted Jesus sayings which became attributed to other prophets.

  2. With reference to “the 1st century”: that is, the first century Anno Hegirae in Alcock’s summary, though there is the unspecific further reference to pointing “to an oral tradition widespread in oriental christianity.” (I don’t know how unlikely that is, in terms of the three to four hundred years till “the 10th or 11th cent. AD.”)

    Many thanks to Anthony Alcock for making this available to us bad Latinists (and boondock dwellers), and to you for making it so readily available!

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