Returning to book publishing

This afternoon I sent an email to Lightning Source, who print my books, to take them out of print and close the account.  The account actually belongs to my company, which I may have to dissolve in April as a result of some legislative tax changes.

You might be able to buy copies on Amazon if you are quick!  The hardbacks will not be coming back.

But a small amount of sales has continued with the Origen Homilies in Ezekiel volume, and it would be nice to keep this accessible.

Since 2014, when I last did this sort of stuff, the world has changed.  Everybody seems to use Amazon KDP.  Lightning Source – or Ingram – was always a pain to deal with.  So this evening I have been looking back on my hard disk, and trying to set up the Origen volume in KDP.

It’s time-consuming.  I have an ISBN for each volume, yet Amazon do not recognise them.  The provider – also a pain to deal with – has since changed its offering for managing ISBNs.  I’ve been reduced to emailing them for help.

Then there is the cover.  This was done using a Lightning Source template.  Of course Amazon don’t recognise that.  I’m going to try cropping the template and uploading the raw image.  We’ll see if it works!


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  1. Wow, I was thinking about getting this resource, however I didn’t want a print book. (I’ve been actively trying to reduce my bookshelf space). You can be sure at least on person will purchase your kindle edition. Thanks

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