Partial translation of Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans online

A correspondent writes:

I have been enjoying Robert C. Hill’s two-volume translation of Theodoret’s commentary on Paul’s epistles.  For comparison of Romans, I found an older translation on Google books in The Christian Remembrancer, Vol XXI, 1839 (sadly, it only covers chapters 1-8). 

The material is to be found on page 34, 93, 158, 231, 291, 349, 407, 480, 608, 671, and 734, according to the index at the front.  It ought to be rescued and added to the Additional Fathers site.

The last item indicates that it continues: but I have not been able to locate the next volume online.

3 Responses to “Partial translation of Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans online”

  1. Dioscorus Boles

    Good to see you back after a break, and to know you are continuing your good work.

  2. Roger Pearse

    Thanks. I’m completely exhausted from the Israel trip, but that item needs addressing.

  3. From my diary at Roger Pearse

    […] item that has hung around on my PC for ages now is Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans.  A translation actually exists of this obscure item, published by an Oxford Movement person in the 1840′s, […]