From my diary

One item that has hung around on my PC for ages now is Theodoret’s Commentary on Romans.  A translation actually exists of this obscure item, published by an Oxford Movement person in the 1840’s, in a journal, and then forgotten.  I did scan it in the then-new Finereader 11 back in early 2012; but a bug in the software promptly erased a whole load of formatting.  The original editor had used italics instead of quotes, where bits of the bible were involved, which means there are a lot of them.

I re-added the italics, laboriously, not realising why it had disappeared; and lo! it vanished again.

After trudging through 80 pages, twice, adding italics all over each page, my will to live disappeared and I left it to one side.

But I have got stuck into this again.  This time I add italics to a page, and then copy the page into Word before I do anything else.  Slowly, slowly, I am building up the text.  Another 25 pages to go.  I hope to get it done this week.

6 Responses to “From my diary”

  1. Neunder

    Did you see that an English translation of Theodoret’s A Cure of Pagan Maladies is finally coming Sep 30 in the Ancient Christian Writers series by Paulist Press?

    I’ve been waiting years for it.

  2. Neunder

    I see that the translator, Thomas Halton, just died in May, age 88.

  3. Patrick Cullinan, Jr.

    On tenter-hooks. Looking forward. Thx.


  4. Roger Pearse

    No, I didn’t! But that is excellent news. It’s always baffled me why all of Theodoret doesn’t exist in English. A nice step forward.

  5. Patrick Cullinan, Jr.

    I guess the Paulist Press is good for something.

    A propos, does everybody know that Wipf and Stock is selling the 1844 edition published by John Henry Parker of St. Gregory’s Moralia in Iob? Four volumes, paperback, digitally scanned, not retypeset. $152, sale price. Suits me fine.

    Browse to:


  6. Roger Pearse

    Good to know that it exists; but a very high price. Still, it probably costs around $20 per volume, and nobody does that without wanting to make a profit.

    I wonder if the PDF’s are around somewhere…

    Paulist do a lot of good stuff; the problem is how anyone ever sees any of it.