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A first century fragment of Mark’s gospel? Some thoughts by an outsider

An article in Live Science two days ago: Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel A text that may be the oldest copy of a gospel known to exist — a fragment of the Gospel of Mark that was written during the first century, before the year 90 — is set to be published. … […]

Augustine to Jerome on the inspiration of scripture

An interesting article at ThinkTheology.co.uk draws together some useful quotations from St. Augustine on the inspiration of scripture. The quotations come from Augustine’s letter 82, addressed to St. Jerome himself. For I confess to your Charity that I have learned to yield this respect and honour only to the canonical books of Scripture: of these […]

A list of translations into Arabic of biblical texts from Graf’s GCAL

Seven years ago I placed online the table of contents to volume 2 of Graf’s GCAL,, which lists the original compositions in Arabic by Christian writers up to the 15th century.  I then promptly forgot all about it. This evening I have been looking at volume 1.  This contains details of the translations into Arabic […]

Fortunantianus of Aquileia and his lost gospel commentary

From Quasten’s Patrology 4, p.572: According to Jerome (De vir. into 97), Fortunatianus, an African was bishop of Aquileia in the mid-fourth century at the time of the Emperor Constantius. and Pope Liberius. He died, it seems, shortly before 368. Fortunatlanus was at first a strong defender of Nicene orthodoxy and received Athanasius as a […]

Cramer’s catena on Mark translated into English!

It’s remarkable what you can find on Google books if you look.  An idle search for “catena” yesterday revealed that someone has translated the entirety of Cramer’s catena on Mark into English!  Yay! But first, a few words about catenas! Not everyone will know what a “catena” (the word means “chain”) is.  The term itself […]

Farewell to the NIV?

The New International Version of the bible was on course to become the new standard English translation; until, in an act of incredible hubris and folly, the publishers, Zondervan, decided to tinker with it and keep tinkering with it.  Not, one might add, in the interests of greater accuracy, but to make it “gender neutral”.   […]

A 2-3rd c. papyrus “title page”?

An extremely interesting article on the Brice C. Jones blog about a piece of papyrus, found inside a leather binding, which is blank except for “Gospel according to Matthew” in Greek on the recto.  Simon Gathercole has written about it.  The suggestion is that this is the “cover-leaf” for a papyrus codex, and that the […]

Stephen Langton and the modern chapter divisions of the bible

If you read any book on the text of the bible, you will sooner or later come across a statement that the chapter divisions in our modern bibles are not ancient, but are the work of Cardinal Stephen Langton, the medieval Archbishop of Canterbury, who died in 1228 AD.  I have never seen this claim […]

Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah – online in English

I discovered today that there is online a thesis containing an English translation of Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah.  It was made by Timothy Michael Hegedus in 1991.  It’s here.  I am OCR’ing the PDF as I write! I learned about this via AWOL.  There is a website Open Access Theses and Dissertations.  This is a […]

From my diary

Via AWOL I learn that an edition and translation of Bar Hebraeus’ scholia on the Old Testament is now available in PDF form online from the University of Chicago.  The PDF is here (linked on that page under the red down-arrow next to the text “Terms of Use”. In addition, an interesting volume, The Early Text of […]