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An almost forgotten anti-Christian jibe by Golding, misquoting Richard Sisson, “Answering Christianity’s most puzzling questions”

I’m purging my shelves at the moment, and I came across a volume which I bought only because of an online argument.  I can’t help feeling that I dealt with this online long ago, but if so I cannot find it.  So let me document here what was claimed, and the facts, and then I can […]

Did the Catholic church oppose street lights? Some notes on the Papal States in the 1830s

A couple of days ago, I happened to see a brand new anti-Catholic slur online on Instagram. Here’s the item: It’s not spread that far as yet, but claims to be from Cracked.com – a US humour site. The poster makes three claims: The Catholic Church opposed street lights. In 1831, Pope Gregory XVI even […]

Choosing what we read: a spiritual warfare?

It’s a dark, dull, rainy day today; and I am steadfastly refusing to notice.  Because I don’t want to let the rain influence my mood.  So far, it’s working! We all do the same, I know.  But why limit it to the weather? Yesterday I saw, on an American Christian site, Reviewing School Book Lists, […]

How the church changed after Constantine

Seen on Twitter this week, via David Walsh: Jesus: ‘If someone strikes you, turn the other cheek’. Chrysostom in 387AD: ‘Slap them in the face!’ – something lost in translation there. It is always good practice to verify your quotations, but this is entirely genuine.  The reference is to the Homilies on the Statues, 1, […]

Jerome: God hates the sacrifices of heretics

An interesting quote came my way on Twitter: God hates the sacrifices of these [i.e., heretics] and pushes them away from Himself, and whenever they come together in the name of the Lord, He abhors their stench, and holds His nose… Fortunately the tweeter had a reference: Comment in Amos Proph, P.L. 25 1053-1054. Those […]

Happy Easter

Christ died.  Everyone dies.  But Christ is risen, to show that we too can rise. If we sign up with Christ, then we find that our lives have some point, and some prospect in the future.  May I recommend this to all my readers this Easter. Happy Easter to you all.

A time to hold and a time to give – when to pass on old books

Today I made a decision to do something necessary, yet it was a wrench.  I decided to give away my copy of the 1608 Commelin edition of Tertullian’s works. I bought it over the internet, years ago.  In those days we had no PDFs online.  The only way to get hold of the detailed apparatus, […]

The inopportune polemicist in my email inbox

I get a lot of email, either directly or through the form on this site.  Most of it is very interesting.  Some of it makes work for me.  And sometimes I get an email which makes me rub my eyes and wonder what – or if – the author was thinking. A couple of days […]

Divine disapproval: the complete letter from David Silvester

Over the weekend the BBC and other media was calling for the head of a certain David Silvester, a councillor of the UKIP party in Henley-on-Thames.  His crime was to write the following letter to his local paper, the Henley Standard.  Since I can find the complete letter nowhere, I think it would be good […]

Basil the Great discusses twitter, blogging and online discussion fora

From On the Holy Spirit, 1.1: I admire your proposing questions not for the sake of testing, as many now do, but to discover the truth itself. For now a great many people listen to and question us to find fault. . . . [T]he questions of many contain a hidden and elaborate bait, like […]