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Ephraim the Syrian on the Borborites / Phibionites

A rather baffling reference to “Ephraem the Syrian, Contra Haereses 79″ turns out to be a reference to Hymns against Heresies 22, 4, which, by happy chance, was translated for us a while back here.  Here’s the relevant section: 4D The Arians, because they added and erred; The Aetians, because they were subtle; The Paulinians, […]

Ephraim Syrus, Hymns 23 and 24 against heresies now online in English

Adam McCollum has kindly translated for us hymns 23 and 24 from the collection of Hymns against heresies by Ephraim Syrus, and I have placed them in the public domain.  Do whatever you like with them, personal, educational or commercial. I’ve uploaded the PDF and RTF files to Archive.org: http://archive.org/details/EphremSyrusHymnsAgainstHeresies23And24 I will do an HTML version when […]

From my diary

It’s remarkable how much one can achieve in a few dedicated days.  I’ve managed to get my new Mithras site up and functional, although far from complete.  It may be found here. http://www.roger-pearse.com/mithras I don’t think that there is very much more to do to the PHP scripts, which is nice.  The content needs to […]

‘Twas Christmas Eve in the workhouse…

It is now Christmas Eve.  A minority of people will be sat at home, in a traditional Dickensian family circle, waiting for Christmas.  In rather more households there will be excited children rushing around, and all blessing to them and their harried parents. But for a great many people, including most people who spend their lives […]

Soliciting donations

For some years now I have commissioned translations of previously untranslated texts.  These I make freely available on the web. A correspondent has suggested that I should make it possible for generous-minded people to contribute.  As an experiment, I’ve added a “Donate” button on the right hand side. Not quite sure how I feel about […]

Ephrem Syrus, Hymn 22 against heresies now online in English

Adam McCollum has kindly translated this lengthy hymn by Ephraim the Syrian into English for us.  The translation is public domain; do whatever you like with it, personal, educational or commercial. ephrem_contra_haer_22.mellel (PDF) ephrem_contra_haer_22 (RTF) These files can also be found at Archive.org here. I will produce an HTML version when I can.

An Armenian version of Ephraim’s commentary on Hebrews?

An email in the ABTAPL list raised a very interesting question. In the IVP Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, in the volume on Hebrews, there is an excerpt from Ephraim the Syrian.  Looking at the reference, we find this: Marco Conti, trans. Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Works of Ephrem in Armenian.  ACCS translation […]

Ephraim the Syrian, Hymn 23 Against Heresies

I have produced a rough translation of the BKV German translation of this hymn, mainly while reading it to see what it said.  I make no claims for reliability, but it gives an idea of what the content is. The line divisions are my own. 23.  To the same melody. 1. The twelve apostles were […]

Some notes on Ephraim the Syrian’s “Hymns against heresies”

I have been reading the prefatory material to E. Beck’s critical edition of this collection of hymns.  The following is abstracted from these.  Ephraim’s collection of hymns Contra Haereses was printed by Petrus Benedictus (Mubarak) in the 2nd volume (syr.-lat.) of the Editio Romana in 1740, based upon the only manuscript of this work contained […]

Did early heretics call themselves “Christians”

I was answering an email in great haste earlier today, which contained the assertion that heretics like Marcionites or Valentinians (there was no specific) referred to themselves as Christians.  I think that I sort of assented, or at any rate did not disagree, in the rush to disagree with other parts of the email. But […]